Blumec warrants its product against defects in materials and/or workmanship for twentyfour months from date of purchase as by DL 24/02.

The following conditions are NOT covered by this warranty:

- Normal, in-service wear of product.
- Wear to product from rubbing against road surface due to excessive wheel spin.
(Drive gently and judiciously, reduce the amount of throttle if tyres start to spin.)
- Damage to product due to improper fitment or installation. (Test fit the product before first use; make sure it securely fits your tire and that you have read, understood and followed the installation instructions.)

This warranty is null and void if the product is used contrary to specifications and/or its intended use.

The product is designed for the specific purpose of improving traction on snow- and ice-covered road surfaces.
The product is not intended for off-road use.
The product is not intended for extended use on dry road surfaces.
The product is not to be used at speeds above thirty (30) miles per hour (50 km/h).
Buyer accepts full responsibility for territory and local laws governing the use of the product on public highways.
Do not use the product if it is damaged.
Drivers should always exercise caution and be observant of adverse driving conditions.
The use of the product is not a substitute for safe driving or proper judgment by the vehicle driver.

Any alleged defective product shall be shipped freight prepaid to Blumec along with proof-of-purchase and a full explanation of the alleged defect. If Blumec finds that the returned product is defective, Blumec will, at its sole discretion, either repair or replace the defective product. In the case of a product found not to be defective, Blumec will make a reasonable effort to contact the customer with repair or replacement charges. If no response is received within thirty (30) days, the product will be returned to the customer in the same condition as received at customer’s expense.
Misuse or improper installation of the product voids this warranty.

This warranty specifies the entire obligation of Blumec, and there are no other representations, warranties, or guarantees. There are no other oral or written statements, representations, warranties, or guarantees of any agent, officer, employee, manufacturer, or seller which is binding on Blumec NOTE: To the extent permitted by law, Blumec disclaims liability for all consequential and incidental damages. The remedies set forth in this limited warranty are the sole and exclusive remedies for breach of warranty. Some territories do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that may vary from territory to territory.


Laws currently in force protect the purchaser by giving him or her the right to terminate the purchase contract for whatever reason.
This right is only for private individuals and excludes, therefore, transactions carried out on behalf of a company, i.e. where a VAT registration number is included in the order.
To benefit from this right, it is essential to send an e-mail with the word “Cancellation” in the subject within seven working days from receipt of the parcel. In the e-mail you can confirm your wish to cancel your order.
The right to cancel is subject to the following conditions:
- it applies to the whole product, not to parts of it (e.g. accessories, attached items,…);
- purchased products must not be damaged and must be returned packed in the original box, with no parts missing;
- the delivery costs are at the customer’s expense;
- the customer is responsible for the goods until the returned parcel arrives in our warehouse. We therefore urge you to insure your shipment and get a receipt as proof of delivery.
- you will be responsible for monitoring the shipment with the courier you have chosen and checking that the delivery has been made; Blumec di Dordevic Sasa will not be liable for damage or theft/loss of the goods returned in non-insured shipments:
- once received, the items will be checked to assess damage not caused by shipment. If the original box (internal and/or external side) is damaged, Blumec di Dordevic Sasa will hold back 20% of the refund, as a restocking fee.

With the exception of  expenses due to either damaged boxes or goods re-storage, Blumec di Dordevic Sasa will replace the item or refund the amount paid within 20 days of receipt of the goods in our warehouse (excluding expenses linked to the refund).
The refund will be made with the same payment method used for the purchase.


Law 196/03, Art. 13
All data we receive through the on-line ordering system will be used exclusively by Blumec di Dordevic Sasa for commercial purposes only. It will also be used to correspond with you by e-mail. We will adhere to all the laws governing privacy of personal information and the customer details will not be made available to third parties except where it is necessary for the completion of the order.
 All customers have the right to access their stored data, to rectify them if required and to object to the storage of their data for legitimate purposes.
 The holder of the personal data is Blumec di Dordevic Sasa via Primo maggio 3 Cervignano del Friuli 33052 (UD) Italy.


By placing an order on the web site, the customer entitles Blumec di Dordevic Sasa to give personal non-sensitive data (address, telephone number, …) to couriers, in order to deliver the goods.
By placing an order the customers fully agrees on the terms and conditions of purchase.